If you, like me, love to read and learn more about how to keep improving your golf then you're in luck because I am sharing with you a list of books that I have read and learned from (many times) over the last 20+ years. (Keep checking this page because I'm always adding more!)

They range from the some of the oldest and latest ideas written by the worlds most renowned Coaches and Professors of Golf Mechanics, Sports Science, NLP and Sport Pyschology.  

These books have been life-changing not just for me but many students of the game.

There are of course thousands of golf books out there (trust me, I think I've read them all!) and it's taken me nearly 25 years discovering the golden nuggets. 


I highly, highly recommend you reading any of the books I have cherry picked for you below (they are not in any chronological order).


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Learning from these gems is one of the best things you can ever do for your golfing development.  They're also great gift ideas for friends and family.



Every Shot Counts by Mark Broadie.

Wow what can I say about this book.  This book is about the Stroked Gains Stats system that you see being used on the PGA Tour and also on a few app devices that you can connect to your clubs.  It is all about how and why the SG system was developed.  It is utterly amazing, the SG system blows conventional stats keeping (eg fairways hit, greens hit, no. of putts) out of the water.  It literally gives you a ranking (by some clever maths) of the quality of each individual shot you have played, thus helping you to identify your true areas of strengths and weakness.  Crucial for player development.

Bounce, How Champions Are Made by Matthew Syed.

This book is one of those, once-in-ten-years-game-changer.  It genuinely changed my outlook on golf coaching and life.  It's full of fascinating facts about how the brain itself has a plasticity that moulds and changes to any learned human behaviour.  In English that means, the more we do something the better we get at it.  

The magic number is 10,000 hours of focussed practice will give you international skill levels.  When you watch in awe of your favourite super stars amazing performances, its not just talent and practice that got them there.  It's a recipe of many factors throughout their lives that have helped steer them towards their dreams.  This is a must read!  If you don't have this on your book shelf then we can't be friends anymore.

Putting Out Of Your Mind by Dr Bob Rotella

This was my very first Bob Rotella book.  Dr Robert Rotalla is widely known as one of the worlds leading Golf Pyschologists.  He's more or less worked with all the best players in the world, helping them with their mental game.

His books are so well written and easy to read, giving you nice simple ideas to take out onto the golf course or the practice ground.

Honestly, after I read this book for the first time, I went out and played.  I made every putt I looked at.  I know this has had the same effect on lots of other golfers too.

If you want to improve your putting (who doesn't?!) then you must try this book!

The Inner Game of Golf by Timothy Gallwey

My first love.  Sorry about that.  This is the very first golf mind book I ever read, about 25 years ago, and it set the direction for me.  I then re-read it a few years later after having improved my knowledge in this subject...and it was like reading my own book - amazing.

Read this if you want to learn some amazing tips on how to use your thoughts and focus skills better on the golf course.

Very Simply put this was the Father of all future golf mind books.

Ben Hogan's Five Lessons by Ben Hogan

Probably my first golf mechanics book.  Written by the master himself, this has to be a must for your book shelf.  

It covers the most essential fundamentals of the golf set-up and swing.  First written in 1957 many of the principals in this book are still used today.  Who better to get advice from? The man who walked the walk.

"If it is to be, it is up to me" Ben Hogan

Harvey Penick's Little Red Book by Harvey Penick

The late Harvey Penick was one of the worlds best coaches.  He coached Ben Crenshaw and Tom Kite to Major victories.  This is a sweet little book that Harvey Penick created almost as a diary style, with daily notes that he would make from his many learnings from teaching the worlds best players to the beginner golfer.

One of my faves of his sayings: "Meet with yourself at the top"

Faldo: A Swing For Life by Nick faldo

The Faldo years were incredible.  On paper he is the most successful player England has ever produced. 

This book is so well illustrated and concisely written, demonstrating to you some of the most important basics and fundamentals of the game.

Nick Faldo is still very current today with his presence on TV and online, his golf knowledge is second to none.  If you get this book you'll be sure to find some golden nuggets that will help your game.   

The Game Before The Game by Pia Nilsson and Lynn Marriott

Pia Nilsson and Lynn Marriott are female Golf Professional Coaches from Sweden.  They are globally renowned coaches to some of the best players in the world on both the mens and ladies tour as well as amateurs from around the world.  

This book teaches you and gives you amzing insight in how to prepare and practice properly for a game of golf.  Most golfers make the mistake of thinking that working on their swing and hitting balls on the range will improve their game.  Nilsson and Marriott explain how and why doing that will hold you back from reaching your potential.

Their teachings have shaped the lives of PGA Professionals from all over the world.

Be A Player by Pia Nilsson and Lynn Marriott

I had to include this game-changer from Nilsson and Marriott.  This is one of their latest books.

Inside you'll find incredible ways to play to your potential.  The very ethos of the book teaches you how to discover and keep a unique focus on the things that help you play your best.  For example, rather than just hitting the ball and hoping for the best, instead focus on your balance throughout your swing.  These are the process skills that bring on your best results.  Its what the best players do consciously or subconsciously. 

This is another one of those books that will get you playing better immediately! 

Dave Pelz's Short Game Bible by Dave Pelz

Dave Pelz for years now has been one of the worlds most renowned short game coaches, most famously to Phil Mickelson but also to many more.

His personal discoveries and teachings in this book helped to shape all future short game knowledge and application for Professionals and amateurs all over the world.

A fascinating read.