Our Performance Studio is the best golf training facility in Milton Keynes and Bedfordshire.


Featuring the market leading GC2 launch monitor and special high speed cameras that capture your swing giving you visual feedback like never before.


Browse below to see what we can do for you in the golf Performance Studio.

Single Lesson Prices 


1 x 30 minutes £40     

1 x 45 minutes £50

1 x hour £60

'6 lessons for the price of 5' also available.


FREE Custom Fitting


Now featuring the latest PING G410 irons and woods.


Gap Testing 


Find out exactly how far you hit every club in your bag, and let the GC2 launch monitor tell you if your gaps inbetween clubs are correct.


30 mins                £40



Practice Sessions


Don't waste any more time just hitting balls at the range.  Instead find out exactly whats happening to your shots. Make it constructive.  Keep your stats


30 mins          £20

1 hr                £40

Play Golf on the simulator


1 hour                            

£10 for 1 player

£9 each for 2 players

£7 each for 3 players

£25 for the hour for 4 players


Performance Studio Membership


Silver 10 x 30 min practice sessions      £180

Gold 20 x 30 min practice sessions       £320

Platinum 30 x 30 min practice sessions £420