Rugby kick your golf shots...

I can't think of a better example when comparing another sport to golf. The free kick that you are seeing in the Rugby World Cup is in every way a reflection of a golf shot.

Golf is a stationary ball game. The free kick is a stationary ball situation. Watch how the player follows an EXACT routine to the finest detail. Not just the physical steps and mannerisms but, far more importantly, the psychological patterns. Watch how the kickers' eyes follow an imaginary successful ball flight before taking the shot.

There's a reason why they follow their routine to the dot every single time. Sustained success relies on consistency of actions that produce success. Consistency is the magic word right? The only way to be consistent is to follow a mental and physical routine every single time.

A slightly different thought can completely affect your timing, which will affect your technique, which will affect your shot and thus the results you achieve.

The next time you practise, DO NOT just hit balls. Practise a routine, as if you were a pro rugby player taking a free kick, on every shot. You will find it difficult, because you prefer to do what you've always done, and hitting ball after ball without a routine makes you feel good. BUT, make sure the last 20 minutes of your practise session is random and routined. Score your random as well. 1 point for hitting the target, 1 point for a good routine. You get the point?

When you book in for a lesson on consistency, you'll find your results can instantly improve. Book today by contacting or call/text 07815296701.

I look forward to helping you with your consistency

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